Summit Helicopters


“Summit Helicopters ensures safety and risk management are an utmost priority. Our highly experienced team of professionals are safety conscious and participate in the company’s safety management system (SMS) daily. This includes the flight crew’s ability to complete flight risk assessments anywhere in the world via a mobile device or computer to make risk-based decisions. The software application the organization uses to help structure and facilitate Summit Helicopters' SMS is PRISM ARMOR which is used by over 300 flight departments and 15,000 users. Proactively managing risk and not placing clients, property, or our employees in harm’s way is our way of doing business.”

All employees are held accountable to uphold the highest levels of performance and integrity.

FAA Repair Station - BHHR447C

Bell Customer Service Facility

MD Approved Service Center

Summit Helicopters, Inc. has proudly served the helicopter industry since 1980. We place a premium on working seamlessly with our customers to accomplish the mission with the highest level of professionalism, quality, and service; to ensure timely project completion.

We pride ourselves on developing long term partnerships.

Throughout the 30+ years of operating and maintaining helicopters, our mission is...

Provide the safest, most efficient, and cost effective solutions.

C3M serves as a distributor for all of the major VM & Forestry herbicide manufacturers. Additionally, C3M has warehouses strategically located throughout the Southeastern United States.

The combined forces of Don Groenemann & Summit Helicopters, Inc. represent over 3 decades of expertise in aircraft sales, marketing, management, operation, and maintenance.