FAA Repair Station - BHHR447C

Bell Customer Service Facility

MD Approved Service Center

Full Service Customer Support - Whatever you need, whether its an answer to a technical question or a one of a kind aircraft completion, Summit is here for you. Our full service FAA repair station as well as our Bell Customer Service Facility & MD Approved Service Center ratings allow us to maintain, repair, overhaul and refurbish the following:

  • Bell Helicopters: 206B, 206L, 505, 407, 429, 204, 205, 212, 412, UH-1, Huey II and OH-58

  • MD Helicopters: 500 Series & 600 Series

In addition to the Bell & MD aircraft, Summit also has the expertise to repair and overhaul the Hiller UH-12 series of aircraft. All of Summit's mechanics receive factory training from Bell, keeping our staff up to date on the latest maintenance practices and procedures. Our highly trained technicians work closely with the customer to obtain the desired results with the least amount of cost and headache.

Maintenance, Inspections, & Repairs

When it comes to maintaining your aircraft in an airworthy condition, the first place you should turn is Summit Helicopters. Our factory trained technicians will take care of all your routine maintenance, annuals, and other scheduled inspections with the utmost care for your safety. Additionally, we pride ourselves on troubleshooting problems on your aircraft that other shops would turn their backs on. We specialize in work ranging from sheet metal repair to component changes, as well as Main Rotor and Tail Rotor track and balance with the Honeywell VXP system.

Component Overhauls

The maintenance technicians at Summit have years of experience overhauling the dynamic components that make up the Bell and MD fleet of aircraft. From transmissions to tail rotor gearboxes, we have the tools, training, and technicians to overhaul your components and have them ready for reinstallation in no time at all. You will be very pleased with our quality and price.


Summit has Level II trained technicians in Magnetic Particle Inspection in accordance with ASTM E1444 and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection procedures in accordance with ASTM E1417. This unique capability allows us to perform most overhaul work in house and greatly reduce aircraft downtime and overhaul expenses on your components.

Operation Specifications